81-14 Queens Boulevard
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Ph: 718-899-9810 x200
Fax: 718-899-9699

140-15B Sanford Avenue 
Flushing, NY 11355
Ph: 718-358-8288
Fax: 718-358-5265

Korean Outreach Program   한국어 사이트  (이곳을 클릭해 주세요) 

  • Treatment of mental illness utilizing many approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychopharmacology, substance abuse treatment and play therapy
  • Child abuse and neglect prevention
  • Domestic violence counseling
  • Parent education workshops and outreach
  • Family-oriented academic enrichment
  • Counseling at many public schools

The Asian Outreach Program (AOP) consists of two sites--one in Elmhurst and one in Flushing-- led by clinic administrator Seline Bearman. The AOP’s approach is culturally nuanced and based on education and outreach that eases the stigma still surrounding mental health and substance abuse treatment in traditional Asian cultures. All of the therapists have experienced the trauma of immigration. As new immigrants themselves, they are steeped in the culture and language of their clients. The AOP at The Child Center serves the most ethnically diverse Asian community in the entire nation. Last year, we worked with more than 1,400 adults and children from more than a dozen countries.

Positive word-of-mouth has spread in Elmhurst and Flushing, the two hubs of Asian population where AOP is located. Over the course of its nearly 20 years in operation, the clinics have brought education and healing to new immigrants stressed by the need to adjust to new customs, language and economic circumstances, as well as families suffering from isolation. They bring understanding to culture clashes between Asian-born parents and American-born children. They ease the sense that problems have to be kept hidden from “outsiders”… that treatment will somehow have an adverse impact on a family’s reputation.

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